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the ultimate 
virtual venue

Looped lets you connect with your audience at scale in a safe way

our virtual venue is used by

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and more!

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built for GA & VIP

Uncapped livestreams and 1-on-1 virtual meet & greets
in one seamless interface


monetize virtual events with your global fanbase

Sell tickets or add brand sponsors to your virtual livestream event. Add virtual meet & greets for a significant revenue boost. 

build goodwill with your top supporters

You want more than just loyal customers – you want brand advocates. The best way to convert a fan to a superfan is to talk to them! 

Upcoming Events
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own your data & reuse the content

Own the customer journey and the data from the start. Offer tickets to your fans using the platform of your choice. After the event, keep the footage from our livestreams & M&Gs,and repurpose it for social content.

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How It Works

stay safe with our patented security features

are in Control

Extend time, terminate a call,
screen fan prior to chat

Looped is the

We keep the line moving so your event stays on schedule

Customer Support

From the Looped team to make sure your event goes smoothly

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